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About Seating Craft

Seating Craft is a Recliner Sofa manufacturer and dealer in Delhi has been steadily adding new designs and innovations to its portfolio as part of its commitment to providing outstanding recliners for homes, private theatres, cinemas, club houses, etc. Our company is known for its strong passion with unique designs and flawless details. Throughout its 25-year history, Seating Craft has achieved great success as Best Recliner sofa manufacturer. Our recliner collection, the result of an unwavering enthusiasm for craft, technology, and art, provides everything you need to calm your senses.

Masters of Most Cozy Recliner Sofa and Chair​

With our cutting-edge features and pioneering inventions, we have raised the bar for recliners in the industry and elevated comfort to a whole new level. We provide comfort in every shape and style due to our vast selection of elegant and stylish recliner furniture. Our vast selection of recliners, which seamlessly fit into modern environments and will leave you spoilt for choice, includes simple recliners as well as stress-free Motorised versions, Push Back and Auto Lift as well as the softest feather-like Comforters.





The Concept on Which Seating Craft Works​

We at seating craft constantly work to produce recliners that are restful for the mind, body, and soul. we are driven by a mission to reinvent lifestyle and consumed by the passion to provide an ultra-comfortable experience. The knowledge behind natural sleep has always been an inspiration to us. The stressful events of the day are reduced by a longer, more restorative sleep, which returns the scales to their proper balance. When we first started seating craft, we aimed to imitate this.  The client’s preference for comfort was always our top priority. And for this reason, we carefully tailor our recliners. We want our customers to have a comfortable, peaceful time that is restorative and stress-relieving because we are in the comfort industry of recliner sofa manufacturer and Recliner Sofa suppliers in Delhi. And with each day that goes by, that is what we want to do.

Customer Service Is the Top Priority of Seating Craft

  • We welcome our customer demands and we constantly work to go above and beyond their expectations.
  • We do provide our customer with a wide range of accessories and features to give their recliners a unique character.
  • We never stop pushing the boundaries that prevent us from giving them the experience they desire.
  • We constantly work on technical standards and consider options that could improve the consumer experience.
  • Our recliners are the finest in their class and offer countless customization options to give you the luxuries that give you a quick fix.
recliner sofa manufacturer
recliner sofa manufacturer

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recliner sofa manufacturer

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Personalise Your Recliners with Seating Craft​​

Are you particular about the ideal recliner, but you do not see why it shouldn't be made to suit your fascinating preferences? You are in the proper location. You can let your imagination go wild while choosing seating craft. Every inch of what is known as a recliner is now customizable. We have mastered the art of producing incredibly unique recliners that are branded with your personal style. you can Select an attractive seats style, have it sewn to your specifications, add either automatic or manual shift motors, choose from a variety of unique cup holders, USB ports, music speakers, and other features. Explore your surroundings and bring us your ideas to the best Recliner Sofa manufacturer that is seating craft.

Seating Craft Is Here to Fulfill All Your Needs of Variety of Recliners​

Doing everything from scratch or considering renovations for your multiplex theatre? Being a Recliner Sofa Distributor in Delhi, Seating craft creates customizable solutions. We place focus on the tiniest detail when choosing the layout scheme, the number of rows at one’s disposal, and changing the design of recliners accordingly. We also customise theatre seats to meet the radius of the platforms and the best sight-line angles of the screen.

Working with a group of professionals that are familiar with the workings of this industry. you can count on us to go above and beyond to make the stress of creating and maximising your space disappear. We provide you individualised 3D layout plans that are created to provide you with an up-close view of the finished structural appearance. Please get in touch to buy your recliners.

Discover the Latest Styles of Recliners According to Your Choice

Seating craft was developed as Best Recliner Sofa Supplier in Delhi for a solution to the problems brought on by extended periods of sitting. The organisation, which is dedicated to providing outstanding excellence and extraordinary comforts, has continually launched innovations that have won praise from all around the world. Our recliners are made to last and are constructed to exacting standards. They guarantee to provide you with comfortable care that will make you fall in love with them. We are a company that offers countless customisation possibilities to provide you the ideal details of your choice. We provide effective, unique, yet accommodating design solutions for both homes and multiplexes that fit the current lifestyle. We make sure that customers can benefit from our products by delivering our full range of solutions throughout India and the rest of the world.

recliner sofa manufacturer
recliner sofa manufacturer

Glass Holder

recliner sofa manufacturer

Metal Switch

Frequently Asked Questions

Recliners made of chip wood are relatively weaker and often may not last longer as compared to recliners made of hardwood and plywood. Recliners usually have material created from leather, microfiber, or microsuede. The most durable option is leather, while fabric, microsuede, and microfiber are soft and more comfortable.

Following are the top recliners of 2023 if you are looking for the best budgeted recliners.

  • Overall Best Recliner: West Elm Harris Leather Power Recliner.
  • Best Recliner in your budget: Latitude Run Faux Leather Massage Chair.
  • Best Recliner for Leather quality: Pottery Barn Irving Leather Recliner.
  • Best Swivel Recliner: Pottery Barn Ayden Square Arm Upholstered Swivel Recliner.

The recliner size you choose is determined by the person who want to use the chair the most. You need minimum 35 inches width for a small recliner. A medium recliner will cover a space of a minimum 40-45 inches wide. The largest category of recliners is of at least 50 inches in width size.

The top grain is the most comfortable, long lasting, and softest type of leather you can choose for your recliner. Split hide leather type is a little thicker and grainier than top grain leather.  but it looks beautiful and is more often used on the sides and other areas of recliners because these areas are less touched by the people.

Recliners reduces the stress by providing the most comfort and support to the body. When your body reclines, the spine gets rest, the back comes in ease position and the legs get elevated. This complete position keeps your body in a relaxation state, helps in relieving the major stress and rejuvenate the mind and body effectively.